Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recently Learned Life Lessons...

1. Cinnabon cereal does NOT taste like a real cinnabon. (Is it a normal reaction to cry about something like that?)
2. El Pollo Loco actually makes a kickin' fish taco. This is huge considering I hate fish.
3. Target has AWESOME clearance sales on baby clothes.
4. Even kids you were sure didn't have a soul are well behaved after watching their teacher have projectile vomit in front of the class.
5. Strawberry gum is great for cleaning one's breath after throwing up, especially when mint makes you throw up.
6. Nutella is better going down than going up.
7. Taxes suck.
8. Tax returns rock.
9. It is possible to shower, do your hair, put on your make up and be ready for work in less than 20 minutes.
10. Getting your Great Dane up in the morning takes much longer than 20 minutes.
11. Staying home from work to just lay on the couch all day is actually incredibly boring.
12. Having an awesome husband like Jordan makes life a million, gazillion times easier.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bargain Huntress

I don't know about you but I LOVE a bargain. I especially love shoe bargains. I just bought 4 pairs of Sofft shoes for less than the usual price of 1. Yeah, I am pretty stoked. The great thing is that I was considering paying full price for these shoes...that is how awesome they are. :) Now I just need to wait for the mailman to come...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Ever Extending Family

It all started with the fish tank...our first tank. It is a freshwater tank and contains some of my favorite "kiddos". We have a bumble bee gobie named Bubbles that has to be fed by hand. He will only eat brine shrimp and I have to direct feed him or his feelings get hurt and he won't eat. We also have a pleco that I have trained to sit and wait for me in the morning. He knows where I will feed him and when. Yesterday I overslept and Platy (the pleco) was sitting, rather impatiently, waiting to be fed. After receiving his sinking pellets he gobbled them up, gave me a dirty look and rushed into his cave where he spends most of his time. Overall, we have 21 kids in that tank.

Our next kid that we welcomed into our home is a hamster named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is a black dwarf hamster with white little feet. She loves sunflower seeds and when we walk into the room she climbs up her cage and waits for us to hand her some. She is also an escape artist. She is fine in her cage but once you put her in her rolling ball she can get out of that thing in no time flat. Jordan and I were once eating dinner when I suddenly saw Kaitlyn running underneath the table.

Then we got another tank. This time a much bigger tank. Jordan planned on using it to house large fresh water fish but I convinced him that marine fish are cooler. So, we started making plans for a large salt water aquarium. Then, one of my past students needed to get rid of her turtle. I couldn't say no... so speedy joined our family. She spent most of her time at school in a 40 gallon aquarium and then summer came and she had to come home. We had no choice but to fill the 100 gallon and plop her in there. She is as happy as a clam but will soon be moving back to her old home as we are planning on using the 100 gallon as a salt water aquarium once we move into the house.

Speedy, the turtle, currently has 8 goldfish friends that we can't seem to get rid of. They are like those neighborhood kids that just won't go matter how many times you tell them that they should. They eat our food and let me clean up their messes. They have grown from smallish goldfish to rather large goldfish and are too big to even be afraid of the turtle. We gave up hoping she would eat them (as she has done in the past) and have resigned ourselves to having 8 pet goldfish.

The next kiddo is my favorite and the bane of Jordan's existence. Scat, the bunny. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes and I just can't tell her no. Jordan, only tolerates her because I like her so much. She loves to chew on walls and carpet but is trained to only "relieve" herself in one spot in her cage. I can let her roam free in the house without worrying about having to clean up a mess. Now if I could only teach her to clean out her own cage...

Last, but definitely not least, is our newest addition, our 34 gallon all-in-one Red Sea salt water aquarium. We got the aquarium for a steal from a guy who was selling his aquarium store. It was used, but only slightly. For a while all we had in there was live rock, sand and algae. Then we added Rupert our hermit crab and a snail that turned out to be on its last leg. Rupert loved having all of the space to himself but then last Saturday we added Shim Shim the yellow tailed damsel. Shim Shim has already proved herself to be rather entertaining as she likes to end up back where the protein skimmer belongs. After an hour long rescue mission she is back where she belongs. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go an incredibly discounted fish store and got AMAZING deals. We got 5 chromis (still waiting to be named), a Sri Lankan cleaner shrimp named Lanka the Shrimp, a Red Banded shrimp gobie, a Clown fish (like Nemo) named Rufus, a green flower pot coral, a mixed rock with some kickin' things growing on it (not sure of what they are called) and an bubbletipped aneneme named Picky Peter.

With all of these kiddos it takes me longer to take care of them, than it does for me to do my hair and makeup in the morning. I love my kiddos and everyday when I get home from work the first thing I do is say hello to everyone. It is great and I am already planning our next addition. Can anyone say Great Dane named Oso? :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is for you mom...

I am alive. :) hehehe. Sorry, Mom has just been giving me a hard time that I "dropped off the face of the planet." Never mind the fact that Jordan and I spent New Year's Eve with them. It is a good thing Jordan and I decided not to move to Alaska after all...

Anyways, this is likely going to be my last post on this blog. Rather than keep this one up, Jordan and I have created a new blog all about....US!!! :) So if you are interested take a gander....


Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Been a While...

But I have an excuse, I promise. Actually, I have lots of excuses. Let's see, in the 4 1/2 months (WOW! It has been a while) since I last wrote I have been busy with...

-Jordan coming home
-Getting engaged
-Enrolled full time at 2 different colleges pursuing two different programs
-Started teaching full time- Special Education no less (If you want funny stories you will have to ask Jordan. He does the best impressions of my class)
-Got married (Pictures to come)
-Moved out of my parents house (a larger feat than it sounds)
-Finished and presented my Masters project. I AM FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course when Miqui texted asking, "How does it feel to never have to go to school if you don't want to," I had to laugh. I still have at least 2 more years. Stupid Special Ed. Credential.

Wow, when written down that doesn't really look like very much huh? It sure seemed like a heck of a lot more as I was working through it... I guess the old saying is true "Sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand." But, I promise all of these reasons are really good reasons for me not blogging....
Of course, the only reason I am blogging now is I was looking for an excuse to not mop the kitchen floor. Jordan and I are leaving for Sacramento on Wednesday and I want the house clean. I just am having a hard time working up the gumption to actually do it... Shoot, I have nothing else to say so now I've run out of excuses. Off to mop the floor....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My family,

is the greatest. They are crazier than all get out but they are the greatest. Anyone who has put up with me for the past two years for any length of time should get a medal and my family should win the nobel peace prize. They are probably more excited than even I am that Jordan will be home tomorrow. (No, that was not a typo. He will be home TOMORROW!!!)

Just to show you how awesome my family is Yannette, my older sister, is going to meet Jordan at the airport tomorrow since I can't make it. Not only is going (dragging along a 6 month old I might add) but she is also making him a sign and taking noise makers! I am sure airport security is going to love her. The best part of it all is that she is going to give him a pair of crocs. I won't spoil her fun in telling the story but I am just sad that I will miss his face when he sees his newest pair of shoes....

Monday, July 14, 2008

less than 48 hours

until Jordan will be in the United States. I can't believe it! I bet you can't believe it either....

Favorite Books

  • Barrington Family Saga
  • Anita Stansfield...anything by her
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • Deep Blue Eyes and Other Lies
  • Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher